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Exporting to FBX from MAX (Morpher Issues)

I’ve been looking into porting assets to Maya, MotionBuilder, Softimage via FBX. One problematic area I ran into early on was that of the ‘Morpher’ modifier…

To maintain quads, be sure to do the following:

  1. All mesh objects should be of class ‘Editable_Poly’
  2. In the exporter options, “Preserve Triangle Orientation” should not be checked.

Morpher compatibility…

  1. It seems that only the top most MORPHER modifier is exported with FBX. The others are ignored.Furthermore,it seems that morpher modifiers are limited to 100 channels. While you can set channels above this in mxs, the results are not as intended and I’ve only seen one channel above 100 work and it seems to be any index over 100.
  2. All morph targets need to exist in the scene as objects and targeted via the MORPHER ui. Failing to do this will result in the channel names being truncated to the first letter of their name. IE “Jaw_open” and “Jaw_back” both become “J” and “J” respectively. A script below helps address this by extracting and re-targeting morph target objects embedded in the MORPHER modifier.

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Facial Animation R&D

For years now, we’ve been using morph target based facial animation on our games at Volition. At the start of a new project there is a typical “bones vs. morphs” debate that occurs and we’ve always stuck to what we know. In the past, I’ve been on the recipient side of reviewing the results of debates and proposals. On a recent project, I had the opportunity to dive into this topic more hands on and I was quite surprised to hear myself recommending a ‘bones based’ approach…

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NOTE: Normal map is inverted and wrinkle maps are not setup or shown here.
  • I made this simply to get an animated facial bone setup that we could use to test in our engine.  It is by no means final or indicative of quality. The animation is rough as quality of the performance was not under evaluation here.
  • This video is a screen capture from within 3ds Max of a 44 facial bone  setup (counting head, jaw, and tongue too).
  • I setup and animated the head in Softimage:Face Robot.
  • I did the eyes and head movement by capturing mouse tracking. The eye blinks were captured by setting keys during playback.
  • Lipsync was done with SI’s lip sync tool and it did a very nice job imo.

Head (work-in-progress) model courtesy of Ben Eoff.

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Performance Opt. for 3ds Max 2012 – Disable Hidden Skin & Morpher

It seems the 3ds Max 2012 is still processing Skin and Morpher modifiers when their geometry objects are hidden.  So, this quick snippet just toggles the modifiers onoff across the entire scene based on their objects’ visibility.

mapped fn toggleSkinMorph_basedOnVis obj = (
   modA = obj.modifiers
   for m in modA do (
      if classof m == Skin or classOf m == Morpher then (
         m.enabled = not obj.isHidden

toggleSkinMorph_basedOnVis $geometry