I recently took one of our old internal art tests.  I do these from time to time to evaluate the validity of the test in terms of our instruction, time required, usefulness of the result, etc. On a side note, we generally do not administer tests with applicants unless there is a compelling reason to do so.  However, we do use work such as this from ramping up exercises for newhires or employees interested in learning about or moving into a new role.

This test was fun.  It incorporated some PS2 generation art assets from an exploratory project that we never made at Volition.  The characters with simple FK rigs, the rooftop set, and the audio voice clips were provided. For those unfamiliar with animatics, these are used to pace, time, and scope a full cinematic.  From here, motion capture, fx, and other custom work would be scheduled for integration later in the process.

In terms of evaluation (click to expand…):

Instructions: Cinematic Artist Test (click to expand…):