I designed, modeled, and textured this enemy, alien bomber.  Note, the front is the heavy end with the tapered limbs pointing back and suggesting movement.
This ship wasn’t in the game design spec, but being a Stars Wars fan I paid homage to the medical frigate introduced in Empire Strikes back with this ship that I created in my off hours for the game.
I designed this ship, based off of the F117A Stealth Fighter.  Matt Flegel modeled and textured it while we were waiting for script revisions to continue with the FS2 cinematics.
I designed this as a modular quarter piece that could be instanced * 4 to create a ring.  Then multiple rings could be used to surround capital ships in the game.  The reason for this instancing was to conserve memory and put a little more detail into a small area that could be replicated as this object was quite big in the game and the player could fly in and around it along with other ships docked at it.

The model & texture work was done by John Enricco.

This is a shot of the ‘dry dock’ in action, performing maintenance on a capital ship.
“Nebulas” were one of a few big features for FS2.  This “Gas Miner” was a design for a ship that might work in a gas miner, collecting, storing, and transporting gasses.

I believe this was the first ship that I modeled at Volition.  A learned a great deal about UVW mapping and tiling textures on this.  IIRC, 3dsmax didn’t have a UVW Unwrap modifier at the time!  Also, we had some proprietary command line tools that would pack the bitmaps down to a single atlas for the game.

This is my concept for an alien (Vasudan) gas miner.  I created the base model using spline-patches with the final later being handed over to John Enricco while I moved onto other tasks.  Sorry, I don’t seem to have a shot of the final result.
Here are some shots of a repair droid that I made for one of the cinematics.