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This scene introduces a “summoning” stone, which are scattered throughout the world and unlock Maia’s summon abilities.  Of particular interest are the environment and the stone itself, as I created each.  The stone is interesting in that I hand created the mip maps such that as the player approached, the runes would glow and as the player moved away, the orange ring around the stone would appear (dissipating upon approach).  Additionally, the surface of the stone would become transparent upon approach revealing an animated, “living” rune and star-scape below.

Regarding the scene, in addition to the usual work listed below, I created the fragmentation pass on the ground.  I modelled fragments, split them up, bound them to a ripple space warp, and then shot them up/out in successive sequences.

As with all Summoner 2 cinematics, I was responsible camera work, choreography via rough character animation, and implementation into the game. Each Summoner 2 cinematic averaged about 3 days of total work.

In hindsight, most of these scenes could improve from better pacing.  There is a notable lack of anticipation and dramatic pause.  Furthermore, the animation is extremely rough exhibiting neither the realism of motion capture nor the personality of key frame.  However, under the limited timeframe and staff capacity, I still view these as a creative accomplishment.