This page showcases some of the more interesting examples of technical art that I’ve done over the years.

Technical art is a term that has developed in the game industry to represent the area between art and code. It is frequently the result of an individual trying to enable or make more efficient an artist or art feature via a script, tool, pipeline, or other research & development.  Tech art need not necessarily touch a script or code, as is the case with an artist who knows his\her tools and engine inside and out and is able to trouble shoot and develop efficient workflows and pipelines with what is immediately available.

Another way to think of it is:

  • ARTIST == Driver
  • TECH ARTIST == Mechanic\Engineer


(a few of my favorites):

  • vMesh Projector
  • RFG World Editor R&D workflow mockup
  • Road Maker R&D
  • vProp Shop 3
  • Vertex Color Tools
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