This was a quick script that I threw together to help with outsourcing.  I needed to be able to quickly check for an evaluate the delivered high resolution and low resolution bitmaps authored for the character assets.

To toggle between the large and small maps, the script looks at the materials and finds the bitmaps in use. Then it looks on disk for it’s counterpart and swaps the entry in the material.  Simple stuff, but it makes the workflow of selecting a character and running the script much faster than doing it by hand.  The only requirements are that the filenames use the naming conventions already established, that is “_SM” for small and “_LG” need to appear somewhere in the filenames.

By default, the script runs on all selected objects toggling the maps highlighted in the scripts gui.  You can <CTRL> or <SHIFT> click to add or remove maps from the selection.  If a new map type needs to be added, it can easily be done in the script.