vcTools is a compilation of several maxscripts that aide in manipulating vertex colors on single or multiple objects at a time in 3dsmax r5+.  I built this script suite as a reaction to missing functionality that we needed to set and manipulate vertex colors in 3dsmax for level art in Summoner.

There were several modules including:

• Assign Vertex Colors
• Adjust Vertex Colors
• Pits’n’Peaks
• Utilities
• Vertex Color Selection tools

Download the .chm file HERE for complete details.

NOTE: This script relied on several compiled extensions that do not ship with 3dsmax and therefore it is not compatible with current versions of 3dsmax.  It could be updated, but the reason to do so has become much less compelling since the inclusion of the Vertex Paint Modifier (which incidentally referenced this script numerous times in is beta spec.)

Here are a few sample images from the documentation: