vPropShop3 is a light-weight asset management system that facilitated creating a sharable library of assets that could be browsed, shared, and leveraged by production artists at Volition.

Key Features included:

• TreeView and browser with list, detail, and thumbnail views
• Placement tools for dropping objects into 3dsmax
• Easy method for adding props to the library
• Ability to edit entries in the library, locking them from multiple edits
• Multi-user support
• Light-weight approval and commenting system

Initially, this script started out as a small dialog with a text list of objects in it that could be selected an merged into the 3dsmax session, by Adam Pletcher.  I saw a benefit for adding preview support for v2, and then v3 added a new gui browser (somewhat inspired by XSI’s style). Up through v3, the script simply used the Windows file system.

The script became heavily used by the Environment Artists at Volition.  For Saints Row 2 another employee Andy Tidball, picked up the script and reworked it to be integrated with Perforce.