THQ is no more…

The studio I work for, Volition, has been auctioned off with the winning bid going to Koch Media. While we’ve seen this coming for a while and I’m thankful Volition has made it through these troubled times I’m still in shock and have many questions.

Here is the official THQ letter to its employees:

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‘nother trip to Shanghai

I’m back from Shanghai, all caught up with work and finally over my jet lag from the 2 week trip. We visited several of the partners that we’re currently working with. Our goals were relatively simple. Primarily we wanted to get some face time with the people who we’ve been communicating with almost solely through email.

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San Diego Trip, THQ Art Council & Comic Con

I’m late on posting this, but I felt I should add a note about my business trip to San Diego.

I serve on the THQ Art Council representing Volition.  The council meets in person every so often and a meeting was held at the THQ San Diego studio just prior to comic con. This was a great opportunity to get together with the other council members and talk shop.  Obviously it would be inappropriate for me to post meeting details here, but I can say that it was very productive and I think THQ is making some great steps.

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Moving On…

My blog has been silent for a while as I’ve been frantically preparing for a major change.  Here’s the news:

  1. I’m stepping down as Studio Art Director at Volition Inc. and am moving into an Art Director role, remotely overseeing outsourcing on a new project. Expand…
  2. My wife and I are moving to Seattle

  3. Here are some pictures of our new house in Monroe, WA
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  4. Here are some pictures of the house we’re selling in Champaign, IL.  2 business days on the market and several offers, 1 pending!
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GDC 2010

I just returned from this marathon Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.  As always, it is a great event to gain insight into the industry and network.  I find myself getting less and less out of the lectures as the years go by, but the round-tables on the other hand are particularly useful and interesting as you get to pose questions to peers and see how specific items of interest are being handled at other studios.  Speaking of roundtables, Volition dominated these in the visual arts track with 3 out of the 4 being hosted & moderated by Volition employees including Technical Art, Technical Animation, and Studio Art Culture.  Kudos to Jeff Hanna, Tim Borrelli, and Keith Self-Ballard for doing this.  Volition is in between projects, but I expect next year we’ll be able to share some of the great stuff that we’re up to right now.

A few days prior to the conference, THQ held its own summit.  This was excellent.  Representatives for the entire CORE business unit got together to discuss current status, outlook, and initiatives for the upcoming year.  We then split into individual councils.  I helped moderate the Art Council from which we outlined goals and assigned actions items for the members to work on for the next meeting.  Overall the push for quality games and cross studio collaboration is strong.  I’m highly encouraged by this initiative and look forward to its results.  I’d love to post more detail, but I may be getting into confidential information…so its best to leave it a little vague 😛

Figure Drawings added…

Check them out here:

This site is now live!

I just wanted to briefly commemorate this moment with a post.  Now comes the tedious process of adding content.  Fortunately, I can do much of this from the comfort of my lap, via my MacBook.

Hello world!

Under Construction

Started putting together my new website to document and share work that I’ve done over the years.  I’m excited about the functionality offered, but it may take a while before everything is ready to release.

UPDATE (1/15/10): Well, I ran into a few quirks and limitations here and there.  So, I’m rapidly brushing up on PHP & HTML to customize the site.  It is fairly straightforward, but reading PHP is an eye-sore given how it is interspersed with HTML.  Ugh.  Still after a day or so of reading sites, looking at examples, and trying things out I think I have a grasp on how to do what I’m after…that being “photoblog” capabilities and built in archive/gallery displays on appropriate pages.  <fingers crossed> 🙂

UPDATE (1/17/10): Everything is looking good and ready to go.  Time to start adding content!


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