Summoner.Level Art – “Liangshan”

Here is a shot of the Liangshan level that I created for Summoner. It is sort of a undead forest. I found this to be quite a bit of fun to put together. I leveraged a serpentine pattern to maximize walkable geometry within the level’s data footprint. As I was to leverage a consistent palatte throughout the sky, terrain, and objects in this level. Unfortunately, I don’t have a shots of the lair, shrine, ruins, or oversized bone landmarks of this level.

This specific shot, is one that I composed for a magazine screenshot using the riders (a boss battle that occurs in this level).

Summoner.Level Art – “Lenele Palace”

Here are some shots of a multi-leveled palace interior that I made for Summoner.

Summoner.Level Art – “Wolong Caverns”

Here are some shots of the “Wolong Caverns” level that I built for Summoner. I really enjoyed working on this level, getting to create some interesting views including steep dropoffs, ruins, under rivers, underground lakes, and stalagmites/stalactites. Additionally, I created all of the lighting and vfx in this level. Unfortunately, the colored light maps were removed for the PS2 version of the game…I don’t think they made it back into the PC version either.

Summoner.Level Art – “Random Encounters”

Summoner had a concept of random encounter levels that the player would trigger while traversing the world map.  I cut my teeth on the project with one such level, called the Orenia encounter level.

Next I created a general purpose forest encounter level.