SR3 Jobsheet – Cutscene Lighting Pass

Here is an example jobsheet that I made for the Lighting Pass on a SR3 Cutscene:

High level documentation and examples helped outline the style we were aiming for. This document provided specifics and immediate goals including which colorscript (separate reference) to refer to .

SR3 Cinematics Progressed per the following:

  1. script
  2. storyboard
  3. animatic
  4. animation pass
  5. facial pass
  6. lighting & fx pass

SR3 Jobsheet – Cutscene Prop

Here is an example jobsheet for one of the many cinematic props for SR3 that I directed the outsourcing on:

These props were significantly simpler to execute with outsourcing as they only appeared in cinematics.  Standard game constraints and specifications did not need to be adhered to (e.g. no need for collision models).

We did author these a little higher resolution than normal items in the game would normally be as they were intended to be viewed in the cinematics.

SR3 Jobsheet – Cutscene Animation Pass

Here is an example of a jobsheet for an Animation Pass on a SR3 Cutscene:

At this point in the process, the focus is on integrating final assets including:

  • Final set
  • Final characters
  • Final props
  • Final vehicles
  • Mocap & secondary animation
  • Any change requests that have developed

SR3 Cinematics Progressed per the following:

  1. script
  2. storyboard
  3. animatic
  4. animation pass
  5. facial pass
  6. lighting & fx pass

SR3 Vehicle Jobsheets

Below are some SR3 Vehicle Jobsheet examples.

  • One key goal with these jobsheets was to place all key information onto a single page that can be viewed at once in a single window, second screen, or printout.
  • Furthermore, all text in the jobsheet is kept in an editable format that may be more easily translated by foreign vendors (in contrast to baking text into an image as one might with Photoshop).

SR3 Jobsheet – Cutscene Animatic

Here is a example jobsheet for a SR3 Cutscene Animatic.

In each of the jobsheets, we tried to provide:

  • Context
  • Camera Direction
  • Asset List & file locations (which included pre-approved 2D storyboards & rough audio)

One of the many challenges we encountered at this stage were the unfinished nature of assets, like the set.

SR3 Cinematics Progressed per the following:

  1. script
  2. storyboard
  3. animatic
  4. animation pass
  5. facial pass
  6. lighting & fx pass

SR3 Outsourced NPC Feedback…

Here is an example of typical feedback I would provide the vendor.  The format was essentially visual aid with labels that corresponds to an expanded list of text direction.  The reason for this is that the visuals help communicate the text and the text is easily translatable into the native language.

  1. Proportions do not match Zimos B or the Heroic Male Skeleton.  Please correct. Related to proportions, the shoulders need to be higher and slightly wider.
  2. Add the unbuttoned buttons
  3. Indicate the pockets in the fabric.
  4. Crotch should be just visible.
  5. These areas are  short-“furry”
  6. If the boots  can’t work with the skeleton’s pivot points and floor, replace them with normal boots  that do not have platforms.
  7. Pants should hang lower over boots.
  8. Rhinestones should be visible in the sculpt
  9. Rhinestones should be visible in the sculpt

SR3 PC Outfit Jobsheet…

Here is an example jobsheet that would be sent to a vendor to create a collection of assets that would make up an outfit that could be worn by a highly customizable male or female player character in combination with out clothing assets.  IIRC, I directed outsourcing for some 60+ outfits and 40+ hair pieces.

Higher level stylistic and technical guides were provided.  Many rules and templates had to be adhered to in order to make everything work.  Even then, our team spent a significant amount of time fixing problem combinations we missed in planning the setup.

My recommendation…avoid customization unless it is critical for your game.  It is very difficult, costly at runtime, and never results in characters that look as good as those that are created unique.  Still, it is fun for the player.

SR3 NPC Jobsheet…

Here is an example NPC Jobsheet.  IIRC, I directed the outsourcing of a little over 130 non player characters.

Here is the resulting character in 3ds max.  The solid colors are areas set in the game via it’s shader.  Also other artifacts are present in the max viewport that appear correct in the game, such as normal map seams.

Update to vMeshProjector post…

I just updated my “vMeshProjector” post with the following samples of the tool in action (sped up 2to3x).

Dog Gun Seat Skull

Review(book): Picture This:How Pictures Work, by Molly Bang

I was introduced to this book some years ago and recently rediscovered it and how great it is. I highly recommend any artist spending the hour or so it takes to read and digest this book.

“Picture This” summarizes much of what we take for granted when we see an interesting image.  The book focuses on how we can harness the elements in a picture to create emotional responses, and why these responses occur.  For trained artists, it offers a simple refresher to concepts of composition, shape language, rhythm, repetition, color, balance, tension, etc. that we are taught in school.  It is refreshing and inspirational to read and contemplate the concepts that Molly builds on through simple shape illustration of Little Red Riding Hood in this book.

Click here for detailed description by Molly….

Author’s website: http://www.mollybang.com/Pages/picture.html

Review(Game):Mass Effect 2

I just completed ME2 and thought I’d get into the spirit of a blog and document my thoughts. Overall, I felt the game was decent.  I’d probably throw it into a 80% range.  It had high production quality but failed to really pull me into the narrative, experience, or offer anything new/original.

***Warning: Potential SPOILERS below***

Loved: (click to expand…)

Hated: (click to expand…)

Other comments: (click to expand…)

Site Update – Summoner 2 Environment Concepts

I just stumbled on some old Summoner 2 environment concepts and posted them up. Have a look…

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