Under Construction

Started putting together my new website to document and share work that I’ve done over the years.  I’m excited about the functionality offered, but it may take a while before everything is ready to release.

UPDATE (1/15/10): Well, I ran into a few quirks and limitations here and there.  So, I’m rapidly brushing up on PHP & HTML to customize the site.  It is fairly straightforward, but reading PHP is an eye-sore given how it is interspersed with HTML.  Ugh.  Still after a day or so of reading sites, looking at examples, and trying things out I think I have a grasp on how to do what I’m after…that being “photoblog” capabilities and built in archive/gallery displays on appropriate pages.  <fingers crossed> 🙂

UPDATE (1/17/10): Everything is looking good and ready to go.  Time to start adding content!