Saints Row 3 features a highly customizable Player character.  The player may choose their sex, race, body proportions, facial features, hair styles, make-up, and off course what the character wears.  The paperdoll system enforced a series of constraints via templates that were followed by the artists.  This allowed some amount of predictability and in turn the ability to handle different combinations of clothing.

One such feature that helped enable this was the use of VID’s.  The acronym is not important, but I believe it is simply “Volition ID” and was essentially just an index assigned to a face.  We used these grouping to identify regions of the character mesh that could be toggled on/off.  Assets needed to be modeled to make use of these groups, in particular match up with the seams.

To help explain, visually, how this works for the artists I assembled the video below.

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