About the Game:

My Contribution:

During the ‘Discovery’, ‘Pre-Production’, and early ‘Production’ phases of RFA, I still served onsite at Volition as the Studio Art Director.  My contributions were from this role…

  • Staffed the Art Team via internal resource allocation and newhires.
  • Maintained regular and frequent feedback loop with Project Art Director and Producer.
  • Performed quarterly art audits, presented to studio and project level directors, to ensure that the project was on track from an art perspective regarding quality and scope control.
  • Worked with Project Art Director and Art Leads to significantly raise the quality of art from the preceding Red Faction Guerrilla title. A few critical factors led to this:
    • Adopted a high resolution to game resolution workflow for all characters and most assets (i.e. sculpt to game model).
    • Adoption of a new inferred renderer allowing hundreds of light sources. (compared to RFG’s single light source)
  • Assisted in evaluating and establishing outsourcing relationships with studios and contractors, including:
    • Massive Black
    • Pendulum Studios
    • Mosaik
    • Francisco Cortina
    • Ian Joyner