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About the game:

My contribution:

RFG was a long and tumultuous project.  It relies heavily on an arbitrary destruction with stress simulation engine, aka GeoMod 2.0.  As Studio Art Director, I worked closely with the team to establish constraints and a quality bar that would be competitive against similar shooters that were neither open world or dynamic. Some specific contributions are listed below…

  • Regular critique of the product and working with Product Art Director & Technical Art Director to remove impediments and push the quality bar.
  • Artist staffing and resource allocation.
  • Identified, championed, and helped bring in stitch piece technology developed at another THQ studio which facilitated blending unique meshes to height map terrain.
  • Evaluated, arranged, and oversaw outsourcing with a variety of domestic and international partners including:
    • Concept: Massive Black (San Francisco)
    • 3d: Winking (Shanghai)
    • Cinematics: Pendulum Studios (San Diego)
    • Insourcing: Mass Media & SandBlast
  • Terrain and Structure Placement R&D which helped influence pipeline and internal editor decisions.