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(art test) – Heist Animatic

I recently took one of our old internal art tests.  I do these from time to time to evaluate the validity of the test in terms of our instruction, time required, usefulness of the result, etc. On a side note, we generally do not administer tests with applicants unless there is a compelling reason to do so.  However, we do use work such as this from ramping up exercises for newhires or employees interested in learning about or moving into a new role.

This test was fun.  It incorporated some PS2 generation art assets from an exploratory project that we never made at Volition.  The characters with simple FK rigs, the rooftop set, and the audio voice clips were provided. For those unfamiliar with animatics, these are used to pace, time, and scope a full cinematic.  From here, motion capture, fx, and other custom work would be scheduled for integration later in the process.

In terms of evaluation (click to expand…):

Instructions: Cinematic Artist Test (click to expand…):

vArt Test – RFG Character

Here is my work-in-progress from a Volition Character Artist test that we abandoned some time ago as it has proven to take too much time for the applicant to complete to a quality result.  It looked like fun and I wanted to validate the findings myself.

The basic approach I took was starting from scratch with a box in 3dsmax and then leveraging the Graphite modeling tools to build the base mesh for sculpting and possibly for the final result as it was weighing in at around 9k polys.  I left the test at the point of doing a gross Zbrush pass on the arms and head.  The next steps were to be completing the sculpt on the softer portions of the costume, moving into fine detail, painting the diffuse & spec, and then baking it all down to a game res mesh.

The hair turned out to be a particularly troublesome area due to trying to author to support the limited alpha support\sorting that we have in our game engines.  I left the test at the point of favoring an interpreted sculpt rather than opting for a series of planes on the head.

To see the Zbrush turntable, click HERE

To see the concept used for the test, click HERE

3dsmax viewport screenshots

vArt Test – Towtruck

This is my result after taking our (Volition’s) “Vehicle Artist Test.”  It is incomplete as I attempted to stay within the time recommendations we provided (20 to 30 hours).  Granted an experienced Vehicle Artist should be faster at this as it is similar to something they would do repeatedly whereas it is the first wheeled vehicle I’ve ever made.

An outcome of  both my and other internal vehicle artists experience with this test have concluded that too much time was necessary for candidates to create a high quality submission and the current test has been simplified as well as updated to current game specifications.

Were I to complete it, I would of course finish the diffuse texture.  Then I would create the normal and spec map followed by a shader that would leverage them, dialing in the shader properties appropriately.

Test Specs:

  • 5000 polygon limit
  • (1) 1024×1024 texture map (currently a 2048 in the screenshots above)
  • (1) 1024×1024 normal map (absent from my result)
  • Interior needs to be modeled/textured, but emphasis need to be placed on exterior.
  • Doors need to open
  • Wheels need to be able to spin.
  • Please make the truck’s base paint color white or off-white.
  • Be sure that the truck is scaled appropriately to a human.
  • Optional(encouraged):
    • Reflection\Spec\Bump maps (should be kept at or under 1024×1024)
    • Texturing the underside of the vehicle is optional for this exercise.
    • Hood does not have to open unless you have time…if you do, you’ll need to model\texture the engine compartment.