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vArt Test – RFG Character

Here is my work-in-progress from a Volition Character Artist test that we abandoned some time ago as it has proven to take too much time for the applicant to complete to a quality result.  It looked like fun and I wanted to validate the findings myself.

The basic approach I took was starting from scratch with a box in 3dsmax and then leveraging the Graphite modeling tools to build the base mesh for sculpting and possibly for the final result as it was weighing in at around 9k polys.  I left the test at the point of doing a gross Zbrush pass on the arms and head.  The next steps were to be completing the sculpt on the softer portions of the costume, moving into fine detail, painting the diffuse & spec, and then baking it all down to a game res mesh.

The hair turned out to be a particularly troublesome area due to trying to author to support the limited alpha support\sorting that we have in our game engines.  I left the test at the point of favoring an interpreted sculpt rather than opting for a series of planes on the head.

To see the Zbrush turntable, click HERE

To see the concept used for the test, click HERE

3dsmax viewport screenshots

Female Character Concept & Model

Female character concept Female Model wipThis is a concept & model that I created for a character that I was going to use in an animation study.  I wonder if I’ll ever get back to it and finish it.


Just a collection of some random concepts I made for Summoner 2…


Here are some quick concepts that I made for the Queen Pava character.  This character never made it into the game.