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Rhinobird with girl

Just exploring the Rhinobird design in a Beauty/Beast theme.  Thought it might be interesting to try a contemporary costume for the female.

Rhinobird in flight

Pencil sketch quickly colored in Painter.

Summoner2.Concepts-“Pirate Ship”


Here are some random encounter monsters for Summoner 2.


Here are some concepts for some potential summons.  Some are themed into 3 stages.


Here are some concepts for a “fire” race, the Odoni.


These concepts are brainstorms for an aquatic race, the Munari.


I forget the premise behind this concept.  I think it was the physical manifestation of the evil leader of the twilight realm.

The original drawing was 9×13 marker on paper.


Here is a quick sketch for a ghost character that was cut from the game design and never made it into the game.