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Review(book): Picture This:How Pictures Work, by Molly Bang

I was introduced to this book some years ago and recently rediscovered it and how great it is. I highly recommend any artist spending the hour or so it takes to read and digest this book.

“Picture This” summarizes much of what we take for granted when we see an interesting image.  The book focuses on how we can harness the elements in a picture to create emotional responses, and why these responses occur.  For trained artists, it offers a simple refresher to concepts of composition, shape language, rhythm, repetition, color, balance, tension, etc. that we are taught in school.  It is refreshing and inspirational to read and contemplate the concepts that Molly builds on through simple shape illustration of Little Red Riding Hood in this book.

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Review(Game):Mass Effect 2

I just completed ME2 and thought I’d get into the spirit of a blog and document my thoughts. Overall, I felt the game was decent.  I’d probably throw it into a 80% range.  It had high production quality but failed to really pull me into the narrative, experience, or offer anything new/original.

***Warning: Potential SPOILERS below***

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