Here is an example of typical feedback I would provide the vendor.  The format was essentially visual aid with labels that corresponds to an expanded list of text direction.  The reason for this is that the visuals help communicate the text and the text is easily translatable into the native language.

  1. Proportions do not match Zimos B or the Heroic Male Skeleton.  Please correct. Related to proportions, the shoulders need to be higher and slightly wider.
  2. Add the unbuttoned buttons
  3. Indicate the pockets in the fabric.
  4. Crotch should be just visible.
  5. These areas are  short-“furry”
  6. If the boots  can’t work with the skeleton’s pivot points and floor, replace them with normal boots  that do not have platforms.
  7. Pants should hang lower over boots.
  8. Rhinestones should be visible in the sculpt
  9. Rhinestones should be visible in the sculpt